Tax Planning and Preparation Services

We help you create a tax plan that is compliant with the government requirements, and you have current information to make effective decisions. Whether in the form of an audit correction or a surprise tax bill, no one likes surprises. We are here to help you avoid surprises, so you can have confidence your tax filings are complete, you know what you’re going to need to pay in taxes, and the filings will be compliant with the government’s requirements.

Our Tax Planning Services for the Construction Industry include:

Construction Contract Revenue Recognition Methods

The construction industry often faces diverse revenue recognition methods. We offer guidance on the most suitable approach for your business, ensuring accurate and compliant tax and financial reporting.

Distinguishing Large Contractor vs. Small Contractor Status

The classification of your company as a large or small contractor can significantly impact your tax obligations. We carefully analyze your circumstances to optimize your tax position accordingly.

Entity Selection: C Corporation vs. S Corporation vs. LLC

Selecting the appropriate business entity is vital for optimizing tax benefits. Our seasoned professionals evaluate your unique situation and recommend the most tax-efficient structure for your construction business, based on the long-term goals of your company. We give you the "whole picture" for your decision, rather than a small piece.

Long-Term Contracts AMT Tax Considerations

Long-term contracts may trigger Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) implications. We proactively assess these considerations and implement strategies to minimize any potential tax burdens.

Home Builders & Residential Contracts

For home builders and residential contractors, we provide specialized tax planning to capitalize on industry-specific deductions and credits.

Research & Development (R&D) Tax Credits

We identify eligible R&D activities within your construction business, allowing you to claim valuable tax credits that foster innovation and growth, and are proactively planning for these costs in your bids and forecasts.

State and Local Taxes: Public Roads, Federal Contracts

Compliance with state and local tax requirements, particularly concerning public roads and federal contracts, is essential. We ensure that your business meets all necessary tax obligations.

Cost Segregation

Often, we're involved early in the design of your new project. We identify areas for improved cost segregation planning of developments and provide cost-saving advice for your project design. Through cost segregation studies, we identify depreciable assets in your construction projects, maximizing tax deductions and enhancing your cash flow.

Support During Audits or Examinations

Should your business be selected for a tax audit or examination, rest assured that our adept team will provide steadfast support. We work closely with federal or state authorities, presenting the necessary documentation to substantiate the information on your tax return.

With Massie & Company, you gain a trusted partner committed to delivering excellence in tax planning services that cater to the unique demands of the construction industry. Our tailored solutions empower your business to navigate the tax landscape with confidence, enabling you to focus on what matters most.