Industry Insights

Industry Insights

Picking the right CPA for your business is an important decision, and we view our client selection process as equally important. Over the years we’ve found our clients have benefited from our forward focused and industry specific approach in many ways

We focus on your future.

At Massie & Company, our service is focused on today and forward. That means we spend our effort to get “in your head”. Often, our Construction CPA’s meet with your team weekly, monthly, or quarterly and brainstorm on your business ideas and provide you with our perspective. We use our experience and the information we’ve been studying about upcoming changes to your industry to bring you the most impactful information to maximize your position going forward. Does that sound good? We thought it did too, that’s why we formed Massie & Company!

We know what you’re building & how it’s built.

We have ex-construction estimators, and project managers on our accounting staff. We’ve done value engineering, and can speak change orders and construction job costing systems, productivity and utilization with you. Meaning we can read your plans, and understand what you’re building. We’ve coupled the construction experience with a passion for taxes and case studies. Imagine having someone on your team that knows what to look for to position you best on your tax and financial positions within your ongoing jobs! We thought that would be a benefit for you too!

We know the technology you’re using.

We have Computerase on our computers. We constantly work with Spectrum, Sage, Viewpoint, Procore, and Foundation. We see the software enough to know how to help you recognize it’s limitations!

We stay current on the latest changes to taxes and accounting.

From our inception, we’ve focused on “today and forward”. Recently, as the Employee Retention Credit guidance was being rolled out in the CARES act, and the guidance formulated during the following years, we were assisting our clients to understand the tools the government was making available to them to help through the pandemic. The Employee Retention Tax Credit was based on state closures and income fluctuations. Each state set the closures and the impacts to each industry. As we had clear guidance & could advise our construction clients appropriately, we were on the forefront of filing and obtaining the credits for our clients. By focusing on the construction industry, we feel we were ahead of our competition because we were studying the various state closures put into effect as they happened, and immediately knew how our construction clients were impacted. This information was relayed to our clients and they benefited from having a construction CPA on their team!

We are familiar with the other professional service providers serving your industry.

“Birds of a feather flock together.” The other service professionals we work together with also “fit” the construction industry. Bankers, Bonding Agents, Insurance Brokers, Attorneys, Bookkeepers, Sureties, Third Party Administrators. We know the people that fit your industry, and can make solid recommendations for you to people and service providers that you’ll be happy with. This is how we Serve without Selling.

We don’t like waiting either.

When you partner with us, we dedicate a team of construction accountants to each business along with a structure of meetings and communication tools to facilitate information exchange between our businesses. So you have a team to work with and respond to your questions, and your questions aren’t stuck waiting from a response from a far off office. Our Partners and Directors are involved enough with your business and if someone on the team isn’t available, we can still ensure timely responses, and not more questions! When you do get a response from us, we know your perspective and talk your language. Boiled down, and to the point. You won’t get long and extravagant explanations of the tax code. We’re direct, and to the point and won’t leave you confused!

We help you develop the tools to succeed.

We’ve developed forecasting tools that will speak your language. When you partner with us, we help you implement these forecasting tools and our experience with evaluating the risks and difficulties of gathering the necessary information into your model so you can create an accurate forecast.  Since our models are focused on your industry, we’ve studied the intricacies of the industry and have been able to create financial models for your construction business that actually work. We’ll share that knowledge with you so you can make better forecasts, better decisions about your business, and be able to show that to your team.