Business Lifecycle

We Serve Construction Businesses at Every Stage

No matter in which phase your construction business is, we have the right team and a customized service package to help you.

Who You AreI'm starting a new business and overwhelmed with the options and decisions I need to make. What state, type of entity, with whom should I speak, and in what order? I need a clear path regarding what to do. I also need someone to help me plan for taxes and prepare my tax returns.I've been in business a few years, but I'm working too much and my business feels disorganized. I'm frequently in a cash flow problem, and don't know where all of the money I'm being taxed on has gone. The business is managing me and I'm running in circles.

I want to expand my business, but my banker or surety says I need a CPA to help guide me.
I've made some profit, and now I want to be smart with how I spend it by managing the impact to my business and taxes.

I want to start another business, or enter into a new state. What is the best way to do this?

What is happening in the industry that I need to be aware of and how can I best position my business?
I'd like to retire at some point and don't have a plan for succession. I don't know where to start, and I'm finding a lot of conflicting information. I need to position my business for sale, gift, or some combination. How can I do this cleanly and correctly, with limited impact to the business, all while also minimizing taxes and the impact to the overall operations?
What We DoOne of our Construction CPA's meets with you and explains the licensing process for your business. If you become a client, we wrap the initial consultation into our year-end fee.One of our Construction CPA's meets with you, and your bookkeeper or controller to understand your financial and operational pain points. Our Construction CPA's analyze the operations of your business, and advises you on best operational and financial practices, and provides benchmarking and operational recommendations for you to consider in your decision-making process.

We help you prepare a cash flow forecast, and budget your finances using industry best practices.
Our team of Construction CPA's monitor your business monthly and quarterly and develop targets for your business, based on your tax and financial situation. We monitor and report based on your goals and provide feedback and recommendations to help you achieve your business and personal targets... with no surprises!Our team of Construction CPA's helps you develop a plan for retirement and succession with your business and other personal retirement. We work back to today to develop an actionable plan to accomplish your personal goals, while keeping your business healthy and sustainable for your successors.
The ResultYou understand the business startup process and are introduced to our team of service professionals, which is made up of construction industry professionals.

No surprises when you file your taxes!
You're able to predict your cash flow problems before they occur.

You're better informed about your financial position and planned business decisions when speaking with your creditors and no more surprises!
You have a plan to follow, and know your options, in order to be compliant with the governments taxes, while being aware of all the tools available to you to make good decisions.

You have a plan and are confident that you will be well-informed during an audit and can sleep well, knowing you have paid your taxes, but not more than your competition!
You have an actionable plan that's tax efficient, you know your business succession plan was carefully developed and the progress watched by a team of Construction CPA's that have a history with your business & are familiar with it's intricacies to pass on to your successor.

Business Lifecycle

No matter what stage your construction business is in the business lifecycle, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Startup – You need the basic income tax information

Growth – You need solid information to make good decisions

Maturity – You need a strategic long-term plan

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